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Gex the Gecko is the main protagonist in his own game trilogy.

He is addicted to television (and YouTube more recently), lives in Maui, and is a secret agent. He was sent to defeat enemies and the main antagonist in the Media Dimension, named Rez.

Gex became a millionaire after he inherited money from his dead Great-Uncle Charlie. He then purchased a mansion. In Gex: Enter the Gecko, Gex was recruited by a Secret Government Agency to battle Rez and from then on he was a secret agent. Gex began his career as a secret agent in Gex: Enter the Gecko.

Sometime between the 2nd and 3rd game, Gex became partnered with Agent Xtra, battling TV terrorists. As an agent, Gex built his secret lair the Gexcave underneath his Maui Mansion. He also employed Alfred to be his butler.

After an accident at NASA that resulted in his father's death, Gex cooped himself up indoors, watching TV for a great portion of his life. This rewarded him nothing but the funny catchphrases and jokes he occasionally says. Gex virtually is never in a panic. He seems to keep everything at a cool chill, and lets his tail do the talking. It's necessary when fighting against foes of all kinds.

Gex is almost never serious, for his sense of humor is his source of defense and inner coping mechanism. He tends to crack jokes, even when he gets hurt.
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